Bratislava, Ufo – Grand Prix d’Europe – 3.Day

IMG_0157The UFO… really exists. It is a restaurant in the center of Bratislava (Slovakia) above the Danube. Below the Ufo is a bridge that is named after the Slovak National Uprising. I think it is too often forgotten that the government is the servant and not the masters of the people.

Above the Ufo restaurants, in 95 meters of height, is an observation deck located. The right pillar has an emergency staircase with 430 steps. The whole thing was built up until 1972 and is perhaps the most striking construct of the city. Here, the last towerrun was held on the 3rd day. Full throttle for barely 2 minutes. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. 🙂 I got the 12th final place, because I was yesterday not very successful,


Bratislava2        Bratislava