Frankfurt, Messeturm – Skyrun

Frankfurt, the center of our “social free market economy”, shelters also the Frankfurt am Main MesseturmMesseturm / Trade show tower, not far from the main train station. I was today in 7:40 min on the top and could start a second time in the Team Cup. A good race-pace arrangement, proper time with top 10 place! 7:20 min. are already in sight, 7:30 would just have been feasible. In general – when the effort is too low, we are probably not thinking about the opportunity,we are thinking about the obligation. Habits begin to change when we begin to change our perceptions. A heavily occupied race with over 900 starters. Hats off for the teams of the fire departments who run up with full gear.


Next weekend the Grand Prix d’Europe stands at the door and wants to come in. This event will be held in Vienna, Brno and Bratislava. Looking forward to it!