GuangZhou, Canton Tower – Asian & Oceanian Towerrunning Championships

canton tower

The Asian & Oceanian Towerrunning Championships will lead me in early January to GuangZhou (China). There I am invited to participate in the 600-meter-high Canton Towerrun. After a necessary two-week break, I have to bring myself in a short period of time to peak performance – allen Gewalten zum Trutz sich erhalten (Goethe).

The Canton Tower is currently the 4th tallest free-standing structure in the world and was until 2011 the tallest TV tower in the world. It is about 3 times higher than the local Stuttgart TV Tower! This will be my longest Towerrun so far. In addition to the 112 floors / 2589 steps some friends will awaite me on-site. There is no spoon!