Towerrunning – (H)Off the record!


Meeting up and training with my buddy David at the gym, to get in great shape. 

Talking about worldwide happenings, the 80’s, Baywatch, Knight Rider …and of course Towerrunning.

We definitely wanna invite you to come and see the new Baywatch movie – streaming now in theaters in Europe and the US. The new Baywatch has a different style, so it’s a kind of „hate it“ or „like it“ movie.
As a lifeguard, I personally prefered the original show, which had more „heart“ and „saving lives“ in the focus.

You can also check out the very successful show „Hoff The Record“ on netflix.

Nevertheless – listen to the Hoff! Get involved in the tower-racing! 

Taipei, 101 Run-Up

la verticale eiffel










The elevator to success is always out of order, but the staircase is always open.

After I arrived at the finish line at the Eiffelturm in 9:43 min, I was grateful that I could be part of this special event.

Now I am glad that I have become a lot stronger in the last weeks and hope to be able to live this out in the up-coming race. The Taipei 101 run-up in Taiwan next sunday is expecting 3000 starters – or more. Let’s Rock’n’ Roll!

taipei-101 run up

Warsaw – Rondo 1 Towerrun VII

The seventh round in Warsaw. A very neatly organized event at the Rondo 1 Tower in Poland’s capital # 836 steps to go up.

6 of the currently 10 best stairs runners worldwide were at the start. The first 10 qualified for the second round. There we started with the time difference which we got in the first race to the front man resp. to the result list. This meant, all 10 runners simultaneously on the stairs, with the attempt to beat each other.

Being on the ball… one by one. 3:58 min.!

Very satisfied, everything given – awesome race!













Chicago – Presidential Towers










Winning! Over 1600 climbers came to this charity event on this rather cool, early morning and gave themselves the edge in the 4 Presidential Towers – one by one – 180 floors. Quite centrally located, the towers are just a stone’s throw away from the Willis Tower.

Despite a light cold I could win today. Except for my first run, in a time of 3:30 minutes, my total time of 16:01 minutes was not outstanding – far from a record. Nevertheless, the correct arrangement makes the result.

The time which one had to cross indoor between the towers was also measured.

A visit to the Chicago Planetarium and lunch with friends made the day complete!

Love what you do and do what you love!


Warsaw, Rondo 1 Tower – Bieg na szczyt / Towerrunning European Championships

bieg na sz


Coming up next!

On Saturday a very exciting race will take place in Warsaw at Rondo 1. Every year very professionally organized . Including qualification we have to start a total of 3 times.

Very fast runners from road, track, mountain and staircase from across Europe await me at the start. I’m looking forward to see many friends again!

You are invited to watch the race in the Internet in live streaming. At the same time it is broadcasted in the polish television. The broadcast will begin on Saturday, March 12 at 8:40 CET. Have fun!

Bieg na szczyt