London, Tower 42 – Vertical Rush


2 days after the race in Las Vegas I already was in London. In the center of London stands Tower 42. It has a height of 183 meters and was completed in 1980. 42 floors had to be overcome during the race. 1165 starter were counted. Despite the time shift from the USA to the UK, I could deliver a good race and finish in second place. Also in London you could keep track of the current results on a screen in a rolling process in a large room and strengthen yourself at the same time with a breakfast as well as having interesting conversations with international runners. This was my fourth race in 9 days. Now I’m glad to get back home. Tomorrow, I already have to be in Switzerland and in the south of Germany for work.

Las Vegas, Stratosphere Tower – Scale the Strat

On my way to the gambling metropolis Las Vegas I had the opportunity to briefly meet up with friends in Hollywood (Los Angeles). In Las Vegas arrived, I still had a day to acclimate myself and look at a few novelties. At the start I met my Towerrunning Germany counterparts Silvio Atmansbacher and Görge Heimann and many other well-known American runners, who were happy about our arrival. I found the large room in the lobby very impressive, which rather reminded me of a control center at the Space Shuttle launch. There you could keep track of the race at various points on 3 screens. Also in this sprint I got in third place of more than 500 runners. Impressive as well was the view from the Stratosphere at the top.

Stratosphere_Hotel P1260853


Denver, Republic Plaza – Fight for Air Climb

Less than 24 hours later, 1500 meters higher and 30 degrees temperature difference, I found myself again at the start line in Denver at the Fight for Air Climb at the Republic Plaza, where 1044 people competed. This was also the first indoor Towerrun for me, where quite different temperatures prevailed in the stairwell, from very cold to warm. Since I had arrived later at the location and therefore couldn’t start with the elite runners, I had to pass many runners during the race, which cost me a bit of time. Nevertheless, I was able to grab the 3rd place in this run.


Dallas, Renaissance Tower – Fight for Air Climb

Amanda Frederick has organized this race with the American Lung Association. I had a good time there from the beginning, where the American runners welcomed me very friendly and even let me start first, which meant that I had a free racing field. This race I could win. The award ceremony took place on the top floor whit several interesting booths with sports and rehab equipment. In bright sunshine everyone was rewarded at the end with a wide view of the metropolitan jungle.

Dallas DSC07601_1x Dallas DSC07603_1x timeline56

Budapest, Duna Tower – Skyrun


Despite my long-lasting voyage by night train and little sleep, I was able to deliver a satisfactory performance in the Duna Tower Skyrun in Budapest. I had to cope with a sprint of 300 meters and 18 floors in height. At the front it was very tight.

With a time of 2:40 minutes and a gap of only 4 seconds to my Austrian towerrunning colleague and winner Klaus Hausleitner, I already came in in 5th place.


Berlin, IDEAL Towerrun

The race in the IDEAL building in Berlin on this relatively fresh winter morning was excellently organized by TUS Neukölln, the IDEAL Baugenossenschaft and the SPD Neukölln. A very good start for the Towerrunning season 2014 in Germany. The competition led over 2 parking lot rounds of 200m before it went on with the 29 floors or 465 steps inside the building. Nearly 160 people were at the start. With 3:38 min I took the 3rd place. My friend Jan Wilker from Berlin won the race, as already the years before.

berlin ideal towerrun