Singapur, Swissotel – Vertical Marathon

singapur_vertical marathon

With over 90% humidity and 30 degrees celcius, it was a very tropical stair climbing climate  this Sunday at the Vertical Marathon in Singapore. Before us lay 73 stories to conquer. Despite a good preparation, I haven’t been in top form today and I had to come to terms with a more moderate time of 8:34 minutes. After the first 20 levels already, I was forced to let pass many competitors I decided to go for it until the end (of the race) regardless of my physical inertia. As ninth I arrived on the observation deck of the tallest hotel of Southeast Asia. A magnificent view awaited me on the top, which one does not have every day! Between 6.30 and 12.30 over 2200 runners started.  Setbacks are setups for comebacks.

singapur_vertical marathon_1  singapur