Singapur, Swissotel Vertical Marathon

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swissotel_vertical marathon 3


The helicopter landing pad of the Swissotel in Singapore provides a fabulous panoramic view from the 73rd floor. For the fastest runner a total of 3,000 Singapore dollars waited today in the finish line. Over 2100 Runners took part in this challenge for the prize money. Mentally strong , physically not quite fit, but nevertheless . 6th Place – faster than last year!




World affairs: Since the crises on the planet grow more acute and “diplomacy ” is increasingly becoming a foreign word, we should remind ourselves of the words of Bertolt Brecht (ger):

To lead a truly full life, we must leave the world a better place than we found it. We must serve a cause that is greater than ourselves. We must tear down that mirror that makes us always look at ourselves – as for example Sargent Shriver in Yale once said – and we will see the millions and millions of people that need your help. We currently have an estimated of 60 million! refugees around the world. In the consideration of this fact, we should rather focus on the causes than the effects!