Ralf Hascher Sport

Ever since I was a kid I have been passionate about different sports, certainly influenced by the first impressions of the television broadcast of the Olympic Games and also definitely influenced by the first running events with my older sister. The increase of my sports activities and the enthusiasm came after my military service – driven by an inner perception, a high motivation and deep conviction. This was followed by years of strength training (main focus) and increasingly running.

At present, towerrunning sport stands in my focal point. My first participation in a stair running race was in 2005 at the Sears Tower Run-Up in Chicago.

I am active in the sports of swimming, running, weight training, taekwondo, triathlon, cycling, mountain running, obstacle course, skiing, skating, ice hockey, gymnastics, and functional training. In addition, years of salsa and bachata dancing. Out of that many friendships and networks have been established worldwide to countless other successful people in various fields.