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Towerrunning (running event) – Wikipedia

Towerrunning (also called Treppenlauf, Stair Climbing, Stiegenlauf, Skyscraper Racing or Vertical Running) is a running competition in which athletes climb a skyscraper, a tower or a staircase outside in the nature.


Towerrunning Germany

Towerrunning Germany (TRG) is a community of runners from all over Germany, who have discovered for themselves by accomplishing stairs of any kind, by climbing of skyscrapers and towers,

  • a special challenge
  • an attractive alternative
  • an intensive, highly effective training
  • a particularly gentle, vibration-free running
  • an attractive competition discipline

and who like to practise this sport with others. Towerrunning Germany e. V. is a non-profit organization that is, as well as other national Towerrunning Associations, affiliated in the Towerrunning World Association. Towerrunning is the trend sport par excellence.



Anke has turned her hobby into a career and is happy when she can inspire you and accompany you on a part of your life path. She loves to work with people and pass to them her enthusiasm for dancing and other topics. Be it with Zumba, Salsa, Chair Dance, Bokwa fitness or for example with “Muscle-Meridian Therapy by Daub” (MTD), which includes a number of stimulation points (WUPs = “Waking Up Points” WUPs) to release tension and resulting pain syndromes.



Monika offers life coaching, coaching, supervision, expansion of consciousness, personality training and psychological counseling as well as health prevention. No matter what area of ​​life you want to have more quality, pleasure, ease or success, it’s possible here. Are you ready to throw overboard the old for discovering the new?


Free Spirit®

Free Spirit ® explores the question of why your life is the way it is and the possibilities of change. It is a unique and proven concept of specific exercises for the purpose of consciousness research and training for an expanded perception. It combines your mental, emotional and physical potential to a unit of successful consciousness, that can be applied in the sequence effectively, in all areas of life.



The Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER) was founded as an independent institute in 2011 and is based in Basel. At SIPER, its founder and Director Dr. Daniele Ganser and his team analyze the global fight over oil from a geo-strategic perspective and research the potential of renewable sources of energy. SIPER publishes its findings and data to the interested public. SIPER is supported by committed business partners and values its scientific co-operation with partners in the research sector. SIPER’s main output are public lectures. Further SIPER products are interviews, studies and books.