Frankfurt, Tower 185 – World Record!

This Sunday my Towerrunning-pal Christian Riedl implemented his world record attempt successfully in the Tower 185 in Frankfurt, Germany. He overcame  71 times the 50 floors of the fourth tallest skyscraper in germany, which is 13,145.65 meters of altitude in 12 hours by foot. I accompanied and motivated him at the end for about 1900 altitude difference so that he could crack the 13,000 meters in altitude barrier. In comparison, this were more meters in altitude than the Mount Everest and the Zugspitze together! The run took place from 8am till 8pm. On every 10th floor was a record judge from the German Athletics Association / Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband (DLV) who documented the progress. The previous record from an US-American was 11,644.36 meters. Hats off!