Towerrunning World Championship in Doha – Day 1


The very first official Towerrunning World Championship started today in Doha, Qatar, which includes 3 tower races.

Alongside the World Cup System of the TWA, which counts over a whole year, every few years a World Championship is scheduled like in many other sports. This year executed in the Aspire Building (The Torch), which has the design of a torch and originates from the asian games in 2006.

After my suitcase had once again decided to hop into a different plane, I was glad to get my essential utensils back on time. like




Race 1:Torch 2 10:30. Off we went! 1304 steps up to the 51 floor in time trial mode. This was the qualification race for the 30 fastest runners for the second race and the final. At the start – world champions and world top athletes from various disciplines such as mountain running, triathlon and duathlon. Since I was sick and had fever the weeks earlier, some shortcomings in the field of my long-term power still dominated. This had been previously shown several times in training stages on the bike. Therefore it was very hard for me today to deliver 7-8 minutes high-performance.

Race 2: 15:00. This was a sprint over 30 floors and the 800 steps. The runners started with a 30 seconds time delay. A spurt where I could let off steam. In this one – I was much better on the ball and have delivered a strong performance in 3:58 minutes.

The meetings and common activities worldwide with all the other athletes are always a great experience again and again. This time it was (among other things) a gathering in the swimming pool of the torch, which is located 80 meter above the ground on a stage with a marvelous view. I think I’ve never seen so many 6 packs in a row! 🙂 – maybe in the supermarket…