Towerrunning World Championship in Doha – Day 2

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Race 3: 10:45. Finals. 160 meters away from the Torch, in Formula 1 positioning, hot temperatures and sand-containing air, we got down to business.

In an unprecedented racing process we started in a mass start. Based on the times and places in the 2 races on the day before, we were placed on our starting positions. The race went around the forecourt of the Aspire building and then 50 floors up. First, the qualified women started, then the men followed. Because of the packed staircase and the close to each other running athletes – a very interesting race emerged.

With many new adventures, interesting experiences, new friends and a ton of new impressions in a very short time – I took thankfully the plane back to Germany.

9 months ago at the European Championships I ended up somewhere on 39th place. This time I finshed the World Championships already on place 18. I’m on the way to the top!

torch 3

torch 5

Towerrunning World Championship in Doha – Day 1


The very first official Towerrunning World Championship started today in Doha, Qatar, which includes 3 tower races.

Alongside the World Cup System of the TWA, which counts over a whole year, every few years a World Championship is scheduled like in many other sports. This year executed in the Aspire Building (The Torch), which has the design of a torch and originates from the asian games in 2006.

After my suitcase had once again decided to hop into a different plane, I was glad to get my essential utensils back on time. like




Race 1:Torch 2 10:30. Off we went! 1304 steps up to the 51 floor in time trial mode. This was the qualification race for the 30 fastest runners for the second race and the final. At the start – world champions and world top athletes from various disciplines such as mountain running, triathlon and duathlon. Since I was sick and had fever the weeks earlier, some shortcomings in the field of my long-term power still dominated. This had been previously shown several times in training stages on the bike. Therefore it was very hard for me today to deliver 7-8 minutes high-performance.

Race 2: 15:00. This was a sprint over 30 floors and the 800 steps. The runners started with a 30 seconds time delay. A spurt where I could let off steam. In this one – I was much better on the ball and have delivered a strong performance in 3:58 minutes.

The meetings and common activities worldwide with all the other athletes are always a great experience again and again. This time it was (among other things) a gathering in the swimming pool of the torch, which is located 80 meter above the ground on a stage with a marvelous view. I think I’ve never seen so many 6 packs in a row! 🙂 – maybe in the supermarket…

Obituary – R. I. P. Leonard Nimoy

It’s been a while since I last met Leonard and his wife Susan. He was certainly an inspiration to many people on the planet. If it was in science, engineering, acting or any other subject. What many people probably don’t know is that Leonard also was once a heavy smoker and called himself „the world champion in smoking“ because he smoked so many packs of cigarettes a day, back in the 60s/70s. He became over the years very active in trying to send a signal to people to give up smoking and was talking about the effects and health issues on TV shows, books, twitter etc. 30 years later after he quit smoking he was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive lung disease), which meant that his lung cells were damaged because of smoking. Leonard Nimoy died last Friday in Los Angeles.

One day, we will die too. What do you want to be remembered for? 
What can you do for others to make the world a better place? 
What is your true purpose on this Earth? We are all dying – but only a small select few are truly LIVING.

Live long and prosper!

London, Tower 42 – Vertical Rush

tower 42About 800 people confronted themselves today with the 932 stepped Tower 42. On the heels of winner Piotr Lobodzinski, I started my race today. Despite burning calves, I run the race till the end, supported by the cheering of the audience over the last 4 floors. 4:44 minutes showed the clock at the finish line. I arrived a total of 17 seconds earlier than last year! 4th place. Self doubt – is purely a head created phenomenon you were taught it and you do it to yourself. Your heart and your balls have a brilliance, that allows them to do some magnificent shit – without your mind getting in your way. Great event – inter alia with Jan Fiebig from Germany and winner Lenka Svabikova from the Czech Republic.

London, Broadgate Tower – Stair climb

broadgate towerVictory at Broadgate Towerrun in London! Today I won after 4:07 min and 877 steps, 9 seconds ahead of the Briton Mark Sims, who had five weeks previously beaten me by 5 seconds at the Danube Tower run-up. A pasta party and interesting conversations followed afterwards. To paraphrase the overall experiences with the words of Mark Twain “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.”  Looking forward to Tuesday to the Vertical Rush at Tower 42 – with a harder competition.


Vienna, Danube Tower – TWA World Cup Final 2014

World top runners from road-, track-, cross-, mountain- and stair running as well as other sports met this weekend at the Danube Tower in Vienna for the Towerrunning World Cup series final 2014 of the Towerrunning World Association. A great event with a good after-party. This time I was 14 seconds faster on the top of the Danube Tower than in last June. This put me on the 17th final place in the 2014 world ranking system. My goal for 2014 was, to finish under the top 20 – based on my ranking in 2013 on place 53. Discipline is, most of the time, the bridge between goals and accomplishment. 😉

Towerrunning Ranking Top 20